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Yes , we are a One stop shop! ( we measure, fabricate and instal your stone benchtops )


About Us

Established 2007

Who we are?

We are a Brisbane based team of AWARD WINNING Stone craftsmen that specialise in turning your dream Kitchen Stone Bench tops into Reality.

With a combined team experience of more than 80 years serving Brisbane and surrounding suburbs since 2007.

Call us on 0403082200 to discuss your project. Our friendly staff are eager to assist you through the process in a stress free environment.

What we do?

We transform a Large Slab of Stone from our inventory of over 500 full sized stone slabs at our Acacia Ridge Factory into Finished Stone Benchtops for your Kitchen and Bathroom vanity tops and instal them.

Yes , we are a One stop shop! ( we measure, fabricate and instal your stone benchtops )

If you’re after stone offcuts for your bathroom vanities, we have a large selection of stone offcuts that you could provide measurements for and we could fabricate those for you too.

Created right here at our State of the Art Acacia Ridge Automated factory using the latest of European Digital equipment to measure , Cut and Polish.

It’s all Australian fabricated by your local Australian stonemasons, thereby helping keep Australian talent alive and keeping jobs local.

You can call us on 0403082200 to set a date and time to select your stone slab and view the slab in its entirety.

No more second guessing from small stone swatches.

Now that you are aware of Who we are and What we do, it comes down to selecting the right Stone Fabricator that can help you achieve a fabulous Benchtop for your next kitchen in the most stress free manner possible. That’s where we come into the picture

Awards Received

7 Houzz Awards
(2017 to 2023 )


Combined Years in Experience

Why Affordable Stone Benchtops ?

A very valid question while selecting from a plethora of options . So many fabricators to choose from?

Does one select from the cheapest or the dearest option?

Let’s make it easier for you!

Look no further, We’ve got it all covered!

We believe in using the perfect mix of Man and Machine to fabricate your next stone Benchtop.

Our staff are highly proficient in maximising returns for every Human hour put into your project by concentrating on the essential Human component of your project ( Communication with you, measure and instal )

The machines do their job by reducing the Man hours put into the fabrication process as they are a lot quicker and precise thereby reducing the cost per hour, along with providing a better quality end product .

We Let the machines do their job at fabricating, thereby reducing costs while also giving it a better finish ( Best of both worlds, you could say ! ) who would have thought that’s possible? Quality finish at a competitive price.

You can view our product portfolio of installed jobs to help you visualise the finished projects, especially paying close attention to Vein matching all the joins as possible from allocated stone material. You can also view our videos of the process by clicking on the links here

The Process From Here

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list of potential Stone fabricators and ready to enquire, we’re one step away from quoting for your next Stone Benchtop that you’ve always envisioned in your home .

To enable us to quote a price for your project please provide as much information as you have in the free estimate form ( some fields are mandatory as marked with a red asterisk ) . On submitting the Free estimate form you will be informed if it has been successfully sent to us

Please ensure you have received a confirmation before logging out. In some cases due to a technical server error not recognising your email, if you haven’t heard from us in the next 2 working days please send us a text on 0403082200 to confirm the same.

What’s Next ?

Our founders believe in creating a smooth operation for a stress free kitchen Renovation or New kitchen Build

We understand how worrisome it can be for our clients to reach this stage of the building or renovation project.

We would love to help you relieve some of that pressure when it comes to finalising the midas touch that makes all the difference to your Kitchen, the heart and soul of any home.

How Do We Manage That ?

You deal with one dedicated Manager assigned to your job thereby reducing any errors that could happen when data is transferred from one department to the other between various stages of your project

From your initial enquiry; to quoting, stone slab selection , Invoicing, scheduling measure up and scheduling your stone instal. You only deal with one person ! That one dedicated Manager Liaises with all the other in house departments that look after your project behind the scenes while we create your Beautiful stone benchtops

That is correct! Only one person for you to deal with through the entire process who keeps you updated through your project.

View our automated measuring System

Pre Measure Stage
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 3.53.20 PM
At Measure
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 3.53.20 PM (1)
Vein Matching Post Measure
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 3.53.20 PM (2)
What a great instal should look like
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-03 at 3.53.20 PM (3)

We are a Green Manufacturer

We take care of the Planet and our craftsmen

We are an Environmentally conscious manufacturer and reduce the impact of Manufacturing your stone Benchtops tops on the Environment

How do we achieve that?

Stone fabrication by its nature consumes a large volume of Water for fabrication and polishing . We recycle all our water and do not use fresh water for every Stone Benchtop created .
All the water used to manufacture your stone Benchtops is recollected in an underground pit, goes through a filtration process and reused, thereby only using about 5% of fresh water than it would otherwise require. That’s a saving of 95% of water . To put things into perspective, polishing of edges on stone require approx 250 litres of water per minute. We bring that down to 12.5 litres!

We also keep dust levels to the minimum by using Automated CNC machines that cut and polish using recycled water, thereby minimising the Human contact with stone while fabrication of your new stone benchtops.
Doing this enables our customers to breathe a sigh of relief not having to worry that their choice of material is causing any detrimental effect on Humans or our Planet.

If you’re keen to learn more , once you’ve placed your order at the Showroom, just ask one of our friendly staff to show you the process. They are very eager to show you what we do and how we craft your Stone Benchtops.

The Mineral stone advantage over other newer materials like Porcelain.

All our Supernatural Mineral stock is full bodied ( this means the pattern of vein on the surface of the stone runs through the entire edge once fabricated and polished , including the edge of exposed stone on an undermount sink ) unlike some other material such as Porcelain which mostly is a surface print over clay and has to be mitred to avoid showing the edge . All exposed edges after fabrication on 6mm and 12mm thick porcelain show the colour of brownish clay, which is completely different to the surface print. The edges on our Mineral is a nice 3mm aris or pencil round which is not the case with porcelain as polishing deep into the cut edge exposes this brown colour as the print on the surface in porcelain does not penetrate 3mm through the surface . This makes the porcelain edges sharp after mitering as compared to a nice aris on Mineral. This sharp edge on porcelain is prone to causing harm like cuts to children and also prone to Chipping as Porcelain is a very hard and brittle material. Once this edge is chipped it’s hard to colour match the edge on porcelain.

Quartz Is Full Bodied

Houzz Awards 7

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